Scottish Apprenticeship Week 2023

Amey is supporting Scottish Apprenticeship Week 2023 from 6th to 10th March. This year’s theme is Unlocking Potential, with the aim of showcasing what individuals and employers can achieve through apprenticeships.

Cameron Drysdale is a second year graduate apprentice with Amey working on the contract managing the north east trunk road network on behalf of Transport Scotland.

Amey apprenticeships offer the opportunity to work on major projects that help deliver the critical services the country relies on every day.

As part of Scottish Apprenticeship Week, 19-year-old Cameron shared with us why he chose Amey to begin his career, his experiences working with the company and what his long term aspirations are.

Cameron, who is from Irvine and attended Greenwood Academy, initially attended Ayrshire College undertaking a foundation apprenticeship in civil engineering before joining Amey as a graduate.

He explained: “I first heard about Amey when I was at school during Apprenticeship Week. I applied for the apprenticeship with Amey through Skills Development Scotland.

“I currently work four days a week on the north east contract on strategic road safety, while also doing one day a week at Strathclyde University.

“I was attracted to the job by the reputation of the company, the good salary on offer compared to other companies and the security of the contract.

“It is not just roads that I work on, but also structures and geotechnical engineering projects. I get to participate in a range of work and gain a lot of experience across different areas. It will help me decide exactly what I want to do in the future when I know what area of work I want to focus on.

“I have really enjoyed the role because there has been no babysitting at all. I wanted to experience a real working environment and secure a career. 

“With Amey I was immediately thrown in the deep end, working on live schemes and doing proper work."

“I have spent the last year working on structural inspections, such as the plans for a road safety scheme on the A96 in Brodie, and have had a lot of involvement in signage and sign design on the A90 and A9 trunk roads.

“I am getting an enormous amount of support from my colleagues, and the whole team at Amey have been immensely helpful.”

If you’re leaving school and considering university, I would definitely encourage you to go down the route of a graduate apprenticeship at Amey. You can begin to learn different skills straight out of school and set your career in motion straight away.”

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